Guest Lecturer – Carol Queen, Ph.D. Jan 23rd @ Erotic Heritage Museum

Guest Lecturer – Carol Queen, Ph.D. Jan 23rd @ Erotic Heritage Museum

Carol Queen is an American author, editor, sociologist and sexologist active in the sex-positive feminism movement.

Queen has written on human sexuality in books such as Real Live Nude Girl: Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture. She has written a sex tutorial, Exhibitionism for the Shy: Show Off, Dress Up and Talk Hot, as well as erotica, such as the novel The Leather Daddy and the Femme. Queen has produced adult movies, events, workshops and lectures. Queen was featured as an instructor and star in both installments of the Bend Over Boyfriend series about female-to-male anal sex, or pegging. She has also served as editor for compilations and anthologies. She is a sex-positive sex educator in the United States.

Queen serves as staff sexologist to Good Vibrations, the San Francisco sex toy retailer. In this function, she designed an education program which has trained many other current and past Good Vibrations-based sex educators. She is currently still working for GV as The Staff Sexologist and Chief Cultural Officer.

The Erotic Heritage Museum is proud to host Dr. Queen, who will be giving a talk on January 23rd at 6PM:

Asking and Answering on the Sex-Positive Spectrum: Enthusiastic Yes, Comfortable No, Clear & Coherent Maybe

It’s a fraught time for sex–but when isn’t it? So few of us get really good education or clear-boundaried mentoring about becoming sexually active people, and just having apps to get us partway there isn’t enough. We all deserve to feel like we’ve got what we need to communicate about sexual interest, issues–the whole tangle. But do we really? Let’s break it down! Sexologist Carol Queen PhD will consider our right to desire (but not necessarily to always get what we desire–that part is contingent); context, respect and communications skills; the “#metoo” implications of all this; and share thoughts on what it means to feel free in your sex life to say yes, no, and even maybe.

***This will be a free lecture with the purchase of a Museum ticket. Seats are limited, first come first served. Please arrive early.

For more info, please call: 702 794 4000
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