Guest Blog – Trans Visibility in the Trump Era

Guest Blog – Trans Visibility in the Trump Era

I guess by now we shouldn’t be surprised at the ironies surrounding the Trump administration. They seem to flutter like bats over a haunted mansion, and not anticipating them would perhaps be like expecting Wile E. Coyote not to plummet to his death during his endless pursuit of the Road Runner. Yes?

Looney Tunes reference aside, one of the most glaring Trump ironies that’s emerged thus far has been his recent announcement that transgender Americans can no longer serve their country in the military.

Really??? *head spins*

OK, so here’s the deal. Not everyone has been lucky enough to actually get to know a trans person. Being friends with a few myself and actually being one, I could legitimately say that we are some of the bravest, most bad-ass people you will ever meet. Evah.

I mean, it’s common knowledge that bravery earns you points if you want to be in the military. Duh. Also, it’s an American value, no? That is, to be courageous and stand up against odds that at first glance might seem overwhelming.

So basically, I thought it was obvious that we trans people embody valor. Why else would we undergo endless hours of excruciating electrolysis or laser treatments for facial hair removal or risky surgical procedures to be more comfortable in our bodies? Why else would we come out to our families, relationship partners and colleagues as being trans or live publicly the way we want to live, despite the risks?

And here are a few other applicable traits that trans people tend to possess: Dude, we’re persistent!! We also ooze determination and inner strength. To boot (no pun intended), we have a very strong commitment to individuality and personal freedom, as well as pursuing our happiness. Sound familiar?

Aside from the military ban, we’ve also seen a flurry of anti-trans laws and proposed legislation, dealing with everything from federal employment discrimination protections to laws and policies regarding restroom use. That’s not to mention the possibility of denying health coverage for economically disadvantaged trans people.

The irony in theses instances is that trans people are busy minding their own business and trying to live their lives like everyone else. We go to work, pay bills, attend school, raise families, wash our cars on Sundays (those of us who own them), fall in love, deal with supermarket checkout lines, traffic jams and bad TV shows and movies. But yet, people in power are busy trying to cook up ways to make our lives miserable by denying us our rights and our freedoms.

What would inspire people to do such things? Hatred and ignorance, of course. But most of us knew that already.

– Cassandra K.

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