Goddesses Reign over the EHM this Spring

Goddesses Reign over the EHM this Spring

While we’re not exactly bunny hopping by Easter, nor passing over Passover, maybe some time could be spent getting in some Goddess worship? Ancient (or even modern) celebrations of the feminine might just do us good these days as we struggle through so much hate and violence in our world at large. A little back-to-nature appreciation, a reconsideration of compassion for our fellows, some lessening of our egocentric aggressions might just pass like a breath of fresh air through our day.

Yes, chocolate eggs taste good, and a Sedre dinner does circle friends and family near, but is this all there is to life?

Getting past celebrating monotheisms and male figures, in worshiping the Goddess we pretty much embrace a Neopaganism view (Judaism, Christianity and Islam, those grand suppressors of Pagan religions, pretty much killed off any early goddess beliefs) freeing us from the shackles of any one system of belief. Anybody can come forth and celebrate the Goddess; bring your Wicca, your Hindu Shaktism, your ecosexuality, your love of the BBW even, all is welcome as we celebrate Maiden (sexuality), Mother (nurturing), Crone, (compassion and experience.)

Goddess worship, Paganism in general are especially important this time of year. With so many of big religion moments the mere redesign of representations of the vernal equinox (the “resurrection” of a new day’s sun pushing for longer days) and the celebration of the renewed life of the crop in the field with the coming of Spring, what could be better than celebrating life…and mother earth?

The Goddess ISIS honored in the EHM front window presently, is the gentle counter to what usually passes as the formidable familiar figures worshipped this time of year. With her determined brow, captivating stare, an oft drawn impressive wingspan and her many adornments she is a figure of feminine strength not seemingly seeking adoration, as she is communion with us all.

Might we do better seeking her and all of Goddess out for a little appreciation?

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