Fox News Ladies Jumping From a Sinking Sex Slave Ship…or What’s New With Your News

Fox News Ladies Jumping From a Sinking Sex Slave Ship…or What’s New With Your News

Regardless if these seeming rampant cases of sexual abuses will be proven, Fox News has suffered some female hosts leavings of late. The latest and arguably highest-of-profiled current woman, Greta Van Susteren put in her resignation from the cable news channel just this week, claiming that Fox has “not felt like a home” for a long time for her.

In addition to Susteren who had her own very popular show on the channel, Laurie Dhue left in 2008, Elisabeth Hasselbeck came in in 2013…and left at the end of last year, ex “The Five” co-host Andrea Tantaros filed a lawsuit against the station for sexual harassment, Alisyn Camerota ended a 16-year-run with Fox News in 2014, Rudi Bakhtiar, who came from CNN to the station claims she was sexually harassed, and Gretchen Carlson began the scandal by claiming Fox News network boss Roger Ailes repeatedly sexually harassed her (her suit was settled for a reported $20 million)

Ailes himself jumped from the FN ship just this August in light of the scandal.

To be absolutely factual, not all of the women above claim sexual harassment as the reason for their leaving, and Ailes has yet to be convicted of a crime. But as both The New York Times and The Washington Post have reported (granted, publications with diametrically opposed political ideologies then those trumpeted across Fox News) “instances of harassment and intimidation that went beyond Mr. Ailes and suggested a broader problem in the workplace” happened at the Fox News network (according to The Times) and 25 woman have now made claims against Alias (according to The Post).

Is this a case of where there is smoke there is fire? Some women actually being harassed by their boss, while others simply joined in solidarity quitting before they fear they might get harassed as well? Or is this a systemic climate of abuse inherent to Fox News?

Time, and maybe more women, might tell.

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