Feminist Movie Night Tuesdays 8PM @Erotic Heritage Museum

Feminist Movie Night Tuesdays 8PM @Erotic Heritage Museum

Even the hardest-working feminists among us sometimes need a break. After all, it can get tough educating people about equal rights, pointing out gender norms whenever they are in play, and representing womankind on the regular. But sitting down to zone out in front of the TV or with a movie marathon can be difficult for a feminist, especially when so many television shows and blockbuster films promote negative representations of women. Luckily for female film fans everywhere, though, there are plenty of great feminist movies out there that not only show women as multidimensional, but also revolve around issues and subjects that actually matter.

In fact, there are some movies that all feminists should make a point to see at some point. These are films that provide much-needed lessons about what it means to be fiercely independent women while also giving plenty of reasons to laugh, cry, and enjoy every moment. It’s pretty much impossible to watch the women in these movies without a smile on your face and, when the credits started rolling, a newfound determination to be just like them.

Come join the Erotic Heritage Museum in celebrating strong feminist films every Tuesday night in our Paris Theater. Admission is free and we welcome film recommendations! Get here early as seats are limited to 30 people!

Feminist Movie Night
Every Tuesday at 8PM
Paris Theater 2nd Floor

702 794 4000 for more information.




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