Digital Sex – An Expose of Online Sex Work

Digital Sex – An Expose of Online Sex Work

Beyond the many people seemingly taking to Ashley Madison.com to find an affair, men and women are scouring the web for sexual encounters of the professional kind. PSO’s (‘phone sex operators’ who as much use the phone as Skype), women selling all manner of used undies, custom-ordered dirty movies, dirty cam chat, email campaigns of scolding and “training” from an online dominatrix; you name it, there is all manner of online sex work occurring daily.

It can’t come as any surprise that the adult business would venture across the net. From the very first escort adds hidden in the ‘casual connections’ section of Craig’s List, to 800# phone sex voice actresses creating computer-activated prerecorded scenes, to cam girls looking for and finding their customers in chat rooms, to niche sex sites, message boards and review sections constantly created and updated for and by digital sex providers and their clients to swap stories, advertise and network, the online sex world has continued to grow and enjoy the spoils of ever maturing technology.

And the facilities born of this technology truly create a ‘best of both worlds’ for both digital sex worker and consumer.

As webcam performer extraordinaire Little Red Bunny says: “One of the best things about doing my work digitally is the distance acts as a filter,” but contrary to this net enveloping engendering less intimacy, Little Red Bunny adds: “In this environment it actually helps to create a much closer, real, authentic, and more honest exchange, communication, and connection. The people who visit me can-while remaining anonymous if they choose-open up much more than with the people in their real physical surrounding.”

Where digital information can be accessed at a blistering fast rate, where anonymity or at least a unique relationship of safety established between participants can lead to a deeper ‘relationship’, money for services is exchanged in the blink of an eye, all manner of desire is dialed-up with a click of a mouse, and a true supply-and-demand economy is maintained by consumer and provider, is it any wonder that online sex work is thriving?

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