Charlotte Rose Protests For Your Sexual Freedoms…Again

Charlotte Rose Protests For Your Sexual Freedoms…Again

We mentioned Charlotte Rose here a few weeks ago. A year to the day of her “Face Sitting Protest” Charlotte and her speakers once again assembled (for a smaller crowd, though plenty enthusiastic) across from her country’s Parliament building. Airing grievances to what is happening in the U.K., as well as around the world with our sexual freedoms, Charlotte and her crew led an hour-long charge the beginning of this week that you can see in the video here.

A year ago Charlotte, bondage mode turned sex therapist, and crew came together to protest her government’s updating their rules on online porn. The EU’s AVMS (Audio Visual Media Services Regulations) govern Europe’s coordination of all “audiovisual media”…which includes TV broadcasts as well as on-demand services. In 2014 England suddenly outlawed the portray of fisting, facesitting, water sports of any kind, spanking and a whole bunch of other sexual acts considered to “high risk” for AVMS broadcast standards. If one showed these acts (and many more on their list) in downloadable porn one could be subject to prosecution.

Charlotte’s contention (and what would be any adult’s logical conclusion) was that not only do adult porn viewers occasionally wish to view material slightly to the left of old missionary humping, but if the performers engaging in said acts are consenting (and across the board, everyone would agree non-consensual on-screen sexual acts are against the law anyway!) then these acts should be able to be filmed and seen. The ban seemed especially stringent on acts performed on women, as female ejaculation was a no- no added to the list as well.

Unfortunately it seems ever more regulations could be coming for us all in regard to what we can or cannot download, no matter the country we live in. When phrases as subjective as “high risk” and “associated with violence” are used to legislate (which the U.K. government used in describing what they found objectionable to the AVMS standards), we should all start worrying.

Keep fighting the good fight Charlotte.

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