Introduction to Sacred Sexuality Feb 24th @ Erotic Heritage Museum

Tantra is often defined as an expansive weaving of the energies of the divine masculine and feminine between two people. At its most basic levels, it is a physical process; at its highest levels, it can lead to altered states, ecstatic levels of bliss and full-bodied orgasms. Find out more information about tantra during an […]

Stand Up, Storytelling and Sangin’ March 4th @ Erotic Heritage Museum

Cast members of this variety show won’t be the only ones in the spotlight while performing comedy, telling sex stories and singing love songs at the Erotic Heritage Museum. Audience members also can join in by singing, telling a tale of their own or providing a topic for one. The two-hour performance starts at 8 […]

Sex Education Classes March 18th and 19th @Erotic Heritage Museum

Sex Education aboud at EHM during AFFLV! Check out the class schedule! Saturday Class Line Up: 1Pm – Rebecca Love – Podcasting for Porn Stars 2PM – Tales from an Underground Erotic Film Festival – Reverend Phil Sano from Bike Smut 3PM – Casual Sex Research; Morality disguised as Science? – UNLV Professor Joshua Corum […]

Adult Film Festival LV March 18 and 19 @ Erotic Heritage Museum

The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas will host the 2017 Adult Film Festival Las Vegas on Mar. 18 and 19, scheduled from 12-7pm. Attendees can take part in adult film screenings, seminars, interact with cam/fetish girls, enjoy games/live music and mingle with adult stars. The short and feature-length films will showcase submissions from both […]

Racism And Porn, Close Bedfellows

As we have reported plenty here, in the museum and this blog, during lectures given by our staff, through our whole ethos really, what happens in the world is often reflected in our more salient entertainments. As seen through the weak pink lights in our sexual products and interests, there is often no escaping, both […]

The Art of Tantra for Two with a Twist March 18th @ Erotic Heritage Museum

Sexuality Educator, Sexologist, and Relationship Therapist Dr. Markie Twist, together with her partner Ryan Twist, will host a workshop on the art of Tantric sex for couples. Dr. Twist is an internationally recognized sex educator and as a team the Twists have conducted Tantra workshops around the globe. Please note, this is a clothing optional […]

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