Hey Mr. President, Look Up!

Hey Mr. President, Look Up!

“Have a little look-see Donald,” we said this past MLK, unfurling our First Amendment Banner from off our roof, right across the street from Trump International Hotel, as the EHM is located. As we feel we all surely should be, but certainly none more than our President-elect, it’s good to be reminded that our constitutional rights are sacred.

At approximately 10am on Monday, January 17th, MLK Day, we proudly let fly our huge banner. While certainly visible from the street (really, all you have to do is look up at the EHM) the banner is even more so noticeable from Trump’s Las Vegas digs. And yes, our banner lies smooth and unwrinkled; the iron-y not lost on us that Trump’s hotel sits right across the street from our sex museum!

At this point we’ve got to hope for the best, but you’ve heard the rhetoric when it comes to our President-to-be’s views on certain issues. One always has to wonder exactly what policies could be enacted, what laws trampled or made anew every time a new administration comes breezing in to take power (and each new administration, whether you believe for good or for bad, does seem to have its way with things). But with Trump, as was true with his campaign, all bets are off.

Certainly not conceited enough to think wthat hat we do at the EHM matters to government policy, we still try to do our best to continue to good work we feel we have always been doing for freedom and education. Might we tickle a nod of recognition to visitors to Las Vegas, our patrons, anyone really with our banner, than it is worth it we feel to have our First Amendment writ large.

Catch the video of the installation here:   enjoy these pictures and always remember your rights.


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