XXX Online - Instant Gratification Personified/A New Paradigm Defined

XXX Online - Instant Gratification Personified/A New Paradigm Defined

Like it or not (and movers and booty shakers in the porn movie industry certain have had lots to say about it pro and con) XXX fare being viewed online is a thing of the ‘now,’  not of the future. One need only walk through any current porn convention, from Exxxotica to AVN, to see the current proliferation of membership websites created and run by adult stars, log-on and catch all the different cam girls working across so many different chat platforms, notice sites like Clips4sale competing for the same market share as porn DVD’s to realize what has happened to adult entertainment online in the past few years.

While Michael Wolff, author of Television Is the New Television argues that net traffic has yet to truly covert to promised sales, but XXX fare has seen the ubiquitous “uptick” on the web both through sales (more through download and live cam shows then in DVD sales) as much as in all the new dirty stuff being created. Surely such a seemingly limitless global portal like the Internet opens a Pandora’s Box for amateur fare, sites and cam stars that don’t last but a month, but there are lots of women and men, at one time contract stars at studios like Vivid or Digital Playground, now producing and selling their own content…or streaming live ‘shows.’  As happened with modern music buying, the net has opened up a direct producer-to-consumer relationship in porn, where creators keep control (and most of their profit) while audiences have direct access to purchase, and even sometimes influence, reasonably priced content..or what they watch instantly created for them.

In the truest sense XXX online is instant gratification personified in a new paradigm defined.

Certainly the facility of being able to access nearly unlimited content, disseminating that content at a blindingly blistering rate, and anonymously searching for that content, are all keys to online XXX’s successes. And in addition to these new positive factors, even the most specific niche triple X content can be created and subsequently found, performers can track exactly who is buying what while their fans can keep in touch, and porn can be viewed across the various portable devices we use for every other content we grab from the net.

XXX online is as much a buyer as seller’s market.

Of course within this new relationship between porn and the net, porn and its audience, porn and revenue many triple X movie makers have slipped out of the business. As much from their sales being undercut by the digital “pirating” of their content, single stars and smaller studios delivering more product at lower costs, old time distribution channels drying-up, XXX’s explosion bukkake-like all over the web-as predicted-left many of the old guard not able to compete.

To some the web was the best thing to happen to the XXX business, to others the mouse “click” sounded a death knell.

While you can peruse porn classics-and see how they were shown-in places like our Erotic Heritage Museum, look into and learn about the new paradigm and all its manifestations, where instant gratification will lead us no one rightly knows.

One thing is for certain, XXX is surviving online very well…and surviving as we all knew it would.




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