David de Alba as Judy Garland Nov. 8th @Erotic Heritage Museum

David de Alba as Judy Garland Nov. 8th @Erotic Heritage Museum

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By Linda La Blanche

David de Alba is a unique and exceptional artist who offers true vocal ability and enormous talent in his performances. Cuban born, he and his family came to the USA after the Castro take over and eventually settled in San Francisco, where he was a feature attraction in the world famous Finocchio Club during 25+ years. Some people are born with a special gift, and in David’s case, his voice is one of his greatest assets. Unlike most female impersonators, Mr. de Alba uses his own femme voice on stage, and throughout his career spawning five decades, he has been known for his outstanding live impersonations of his iconic idol, Judy Garland, in countless clubs and TV shows.

David’s voice range possesses tonal qualities that set him apart from any other illusionist of his era.  He, as Judy, stands up there, sings and sways to the music and just let that voice carry the evening.  His costume changes prove an opportunity to see David’s own humorous side, having to handle these on his own while remaining connected to the audience.   The costumes are classic Judy as are the simple props of a mike stand, a stool and a chair.   Nothing imposed on the created mood.   Judy’s mannerisms and movements accurately portrayed bring another level of reality to the performance.  David de Alba’s act has a winning and engaging simplicity that may make it the best show in Las Vegas as far as true talent goes.

David de Alba is lauded for his ongoing effort in preserving the disappearing art of female impersonation through his theatrical website (david-de-alba.com), including rare interviews of celebrities, drag performers and shows aimed at preserving the memory of the Finocchio Club of San Francisco. A crucial figure in the transition between the golden era of drag and modern drag, he remains possibly the only one performer alive representing this vanishing art form.

David de Alba has been written about in seven books and for all this, he’s received numerous awards in recognition of his efforts and live stage shows.

 Anyone who is a true Judy Garland fan, or just someone who appreciates the Art Form of LIVE Female Impersonation should not miss David de Alba as Judy Garland!

Review Journal article about David de Alba

David de Alba will be bringing Judy Garland to Life on November 8th, 2015 at 2:30PM for a lovely afternoon Matinee show in our Jewelbox Theater! Tickets start at $18.00 for general admission. VIP seating is available for $20

Call 702 794 4000 to purchase your tickets in advance or come to the ticketing counter inside the Erotic Heritage Museum!

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  1. David de Alba also known nowadays as ‘The Cuban Legend’ was the only bi-lingual singer from Cuba ever hired at the well-known LIVE revue at the former world famous Finocchio Club in San Francisco, CA. ….There were two other very talented Cuban performers that worked at that club, but they were trained dancers.

    To date Mr. de Alba is keeping still alive the torch for his former Alma Matter,(Finocchio Club) with his theatrical appearances in the Las Vegas area…..to those of you who have not seen him perform as of yet, do yourselves a favor, and come and see him, because ‘legends’ don’t come around that often, especially in the Showbiz world of female impersonation and LIVE at that!


  2. I am so excited that David will perform again! This is a must-see show. You will see and hear the real Judy as David performs his magic. And his recollections of other famous people of the era sheds incredible light on the entertainment industry of the day!
    See you there!

  3. Anyone who has not seen David D’Albas show, should definitely try to see it. I saw David when he was a performer at Finnochios in San Francisco. Now, He once again does a masterful job as our favorite icon, Judy Garland. I took several friends to his last show in Las Vegas, and everyone was in awe at his energy and professionalism, and realism. Remember that Judy ages as we all do, and yet David brings the reality to life as Judy would be now. This is a can”t miss show, so do your self a favor and GO!GO!GO!. Love you David, as did all my friends from Bullhead City.

  4. High energy and very unique show with songs still being sung by david As he did fifty years ago. The best entertainment for the price in town can’t wait to see the show. David payne

  5. David is the ultimate performer and a must see when in Las Vegas. Once you have seen David’s show, you will never want to miss another. He is the “living” Judy Garland in every way.

  6. Celebrate San Francisco’s rich history with the incomparable David de Alba. The Finocchio Club, started during Prohibition, offered superb entertainment noted for its fine performers and rollicking performances. David provided his unique style to that cast during the height of Finoccio’s popularity. The Jewelbox Theater offers a rare opportunity to relive those days with stories, anecdotes and an unforgettable portrayal of Judy Garland by David de Alba in a reprise of his classic performance. This event is not to be missed.

  7. I always enjoy David’s shows. It is a must see show! The songs will take you back to another era.
    David is a great performer.

  8. I recently saw (for the first time) David perform his tribute to Judy Garland at a sold-out show. Not only does David have a beautiful voice, but he is a consummate professional with his quick wit and humor. It’s uncanny how much The Cuban Legend resembles the legendary Ms. Garland. Get your tickets before they sell out!

  9. David is a devoted fan of the great Judy Garland and his attention to everything detail of her life and persona show in his impersonations of her. He built his reputation at the legendary female impersonation venue in San Francisco, Finnochio’s, and now he steps into the role again in Las Vegas. If you are a Judy Garland fan, as big as David de Alba, you will not want to miss his performance.

  10. We have seen alot of shows of David de Alba has done in the San Francisco Bay Area and you feel like it is Judy Garland on stage. Last show we saw was on June 21,2015 in Las Vegas. We recommend to see the show. Blake &Julio from the Bay Area.

  11. As a performer myself I was so impressed with the talent of David de Alba. What a performance. As soon as he walks out on the stage. He becomes one of the greatest legends of all times. Miss Judy Garland. And what a treat to hear someone who uses his own voice. I wish Vegas would keep talent around like his show and bring back some of the good performers . Mr.de Alba I salute you . Your one of Gods singing angels .Keep on following that Yellow Brick Road. Oceans of blessings from one entertainer to another.

  12. David IS Judy. I have seen him many times and the show is beyond wonderful. David’s vocal talent and raw emotion touches the heart and soul of Judy Garland. The show brings tears of bittersweet joy every time.

  13. David de Alba is the consummate Star when impersonating Show business Giants and he does it with refinement and with the use of exquisite costumes, make-up, and hairstyles; also being a Star himself in the hairdressing profession.

    David gives magic to the public re-affirming his own talent when he sings those great Judy Garland songs and he does it LIVE with his own voice…something that very few female impersonators can do nowadays.

    To be present at one of David de Alba’s concerts is to travel magically to Yesteryear and finding a Judy Garland who is actually lovely and un-touched by the passing of time.

    Thank you,
    Eduard Andres (*Eduard Design, Miami)

  14. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing two of David’s shows over the years. His performance transports the audience to a rich and beautiful time in the history of Hollywood, full of glamour and artistry. This a show not to be missed if you’re drawn to escape the moment and experience the wonderful nostalgia of all that is Judy.

  15. A great performer with a great voice. No lipsync as David will sing using his own voice.

  16. Hi everybody !
    I met David de Alba at the exhibition of Verner Degray at the Erotic Heritage Museum, and he did a little special show only for us. And, it was so amazing ! So, I can’t wait to see his show in November 8th.

  17. David De Alba is truly the best doing Judy Garland.

  18. Seeing David perform as Judy Garland brought back many wonderful memories of her. It was a fabulous night.

  19. David sings and performs with so much heart and soul. His impersonations of Judy Garland are so authentic you believe she is there in the theater during his performances. His study of Garland extends beyond the theater to his vast collection Judy Garland memorabilia, including posters, dolls and even a pair of shoes she wore. If you are a lover of Garland, her songs, and the glamour of her bygone era, you gotta go experience one of David’s live performances.

  20. I’ve heard David sing live and he truly is talented! He has a true passion for Judy Garland and bringing an authentic performance to bring her shows back to life. David is a natural performer and I highly recommend seeing his show!

  21. I have known David for many years now, and have seen him perform on several occasions. He is truly a consummate professional! His dedication to his craft is amazing, always singing LIVE and always engaging the audience. When he goes into “character” as Judy Garland, it is mesmerizing, you are actually in the room with Judy! After a long career, he has many great stories to share about his life on and off stage. If you get a chance don’t miss this one of a kind performer!

  22. David de Alba! I cannot praise him enough! An historic and important entertainment personality who has paved the way in the genre as we now know it. For well over a decade I have known David de Alba. He truly is a living legend, and frankly I believe him to be the last, and the very greatest, of a rare breed of rarified professional performers who still is, without any question, head and shoulders above any Judy Garland illusionist-impersonator, living or now deceased. A person with a great talent and gifted with a beautiful golden voice (which he actually uses in his stunning performances!), David shares his genius with us in a performance which will remain in your mind and heart forever. David is simply stunning as you witness the greatest late female performer of past days literally come alive before your eyes. David is a gift to us all!. Certainly not to be missed by any Judy Garland fan, nor anyone who desires to experience the very best of Las Vegas entertainment. Experience the electric talent of one of the world’s greatest performers, David de Alba! He shines diamond-bright! The experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss it!

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