Hey Mr. President, Look Up!

“Have a little look-see Donald,” we said this past MLK, unfurling our First Amendment Banner from off our roof, right across the street from Trump International Hotel, as the EHM is located. As we feel we all surely should be, but certainly none more than our President-elect, it’s good to be reminded that our constitutional […]

The Fine Line of David Hamilton

For four decades photographer David Hamilton divided his critics and fans over the question of whether his life work was fine art…or child porn. Leveled recently with an accusation of the rape of a thirteen year old girl-as well as plenty of the same accusations  from past models-the man who grew up during World War 11, served […]

Rolling Stone Pays For “A Rape On Campus”

Furthering coverage of the sordid aftermath of Rolling Stone Magazine’s publication their “A Rape On Campus” article in their November 2014 issue, the ex-rock mag was found libel this week in a defamation suit. The magazine’s parent company Wenner Media and the author of the article Sabrina Rubin Erdely were as well slapped with the federal […]

So, You Think Your Porn Is Safe?

Downloading and streaming, maybe occasionally buying a DVD or two, even making your own; with porn enjoying quite the ‘mainstreaming’ in the past decade and so much of it available for so cheap we don’t really think about the state of the industry. Yes, there is still the “Measure B” mandatory condom ballet a ’twirling […]

Will ‘Smart Clothes’ Make Your Sex Life Better?

The theme for this year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala in New York City, as well the theme of the museum’s companion exhibit from it, is “MANUSxMACHINA Fashion in an Age of Technology.” As stars like Taylor Swift gavotted in a silver shimmery mini and Zayn Malik sported faux robot arms, their pop paparazzi sensibility […]

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