Las Vegas Rope Social @The Erotic Heritage Museum every 3rd Saturday

Every 3rd Saturday of each month 4-7pm

Cost: Donations are highly encouraged and appreciated to help cover the cost of the space, equipment and any future educators we may try to bring out. You will not be charged an entry fee into the Museum, if you are attending the social.

What to bring:

  • Rope.(Some will be provided if you do not have any)
  • Rug, mat or Yoga mat for the floor
  • Water, drinks and snacks
  • Positive, fun attitudes!

Museum Rules:

  • Remember we are in a Museum, so please respect the space you are in, displays and art.
  • Museum is 18+
  • Nudity is allowed.
  • Snacks and drinks are allowed.
  • No Alcohol is allowed.

The Museum is open during the time we are there, we are not in a closed off area, so be aware members of the public and touristsmay be observing.

Las Vegas Rope Social Rules:

  • Show respect to everyone in the group is expected.
  • Although this is more of a knowledge exchange please be mindful of interrupting peoples scenes
  • Weare a Consent Positive environment so when you are physically with us be aware of negotiation and consent
  • We are strong advocates of the Bondage and all Kink Communities at large. Hate and prejudice of any kind particularly, of gender
    identity, sexual preference, race, is not tolerated.
  • Great attitudes and willingness to share your knowledge
  • Safety third, I mean FIRST!

This group really is for anyone who is interested in learning more about yourself and rope and for having some fun along the way!

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