Erotic Art Auction with Batterman’s @ Erotic Heritage Museum November 19th

This is a Premier Auction Event held with Batterman’s and the Erotic Heritage Museum
for the sale of Art and Materials on display at the museum to make way for new

Artists and Exhibits, and items from private collections not before available
to the public. Join us for the action and the ability to own a wide variety of erotica.
Examples include sculpture, original art, limited edition lithographs, Sorayama,
a custom Hardtail motorcycle (The Deja Vu), installation art pieces and erotic memorabilia.

Pieces come from around the globe including Japan, China, Europe and Africa.
There are many antiques and unusual pieces from the
19’th and 20’th Century.

The art auction begins at noon. To preview items available for bidding, please follow this link.

Join us! Wine selections and delectable foods for enjoyment included.

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