Catherine the Great Exhibit through May 2017 @ Erotic Heritage Museum


Fantasize Like A Russian Monarch with The EHM and Catherine the Great’s Sex Furniture

Yes, that oft told horse story is only a story, but Catherine the Great seems to have had voracious sexual appetites beyond rumored equestrian pursuits. Becoming the longest-ruling female leader of Russia and creating what many call the “Golden Age of Russian Nobility,” a woman like Catherine needed (and did) take a goodly amount of loyal men to her bed.

Choosing her many lovers as much for their sexual prowess as for their political placement, it was said the great lady had a bed chamber suite filled with Objet d’sex. Objects from this room were found over a half a century ago, enjoyed various exhibitions through the decades and the globe and are now being featured in a new exhibit at The Erotic Heritage Museum.

As a center for attendees to explore immersive exhibits of various sexualities in a non-commercial way, The Catherine the Great Sex Furniture Exhibit is yet another in a long line of frank and sex positive displays the Erotic Heritage Museum is proud to present.

The Erotic Heritage Museum displays Catherine the Great Sex Furniture Exhibit starting Oct 28th, and runs through the end of May 2017.

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